Common Leopard

Friends of Nature conducted common leopard status and livestock depredation survey in Kunjo VDC of Mustang district. NTNC/ACAP supported the study financially. Team including Raju Acharya, Yadav Ghimirey and Suresh Thapa successfully completed the survey in May-June 2006.


Brief description of Common leopard survey

Study area: Kunjo VDC, Mustang district, Nepal
Transect survey: Eight transects were drawn and signs were recorded 
Pugmark variation: Measurement of each pugmark was recorded 
Depredation survey: 152 households were surveyed to know the magnitude and amount of depredation done by leopard in the study area.
Discussion: Formal and informal discussions were made to know the perception of the local people.



Leopard population: At least 2 leopards are present in the VDC based on the measurement of the two different pugmarks encountered
Magnitude of depredation: The total annual monetary loss due to depredation came out to be NRs. 5,45,000 which is equivalent to US$ 7370.84. The depredation per household came out to be NRs.
3585.35 which is equivalent to US$ 48.49.