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Mr. Raju Acharya                                                                          

Expertise: Research and conse

rvation of owls, ethno-biology,

forest carbon, green school, participatory biodiversity conservation,

protected areas, research and conservation of wildlife


Executive Director, FON Nepal

Team Leader, Green School Project, Nepal

Country Representative, World Owl Trust, UK

Research Associate, The Global Owl Project, USA

Email: racharya@fonnepal.org, rajuachayra@gmail.com

Cell no: 977-9841308266

Mr. Bikash Ghimire


Expertise: Participatory biodiversity conservation,
green school, vulture conservation.

Director, Wildlife Research and Conservation

Email: ghimirebiku1991@gmail.com; bghimire@fonnepal.org 

Cell no: 977-9819470746


Mr. Suman Sapkota


Expertise : Herpetofauna, camera trapping, conservation education, Wild dog, expedition

Program Coordinator 

Email: suman.palpa99.ss@gmail.com

Cell no: +977-9867035877

 Ms. Barsha Adhikari

Expertise: Bat, community based conservation, conservation education

Research officer 

Email: thebarshaadhikari@gmail.com

Mr. Keshab Dahal


Expertise: Account and administration, tax


Officer (Part time)


Email: kdahal@fonnepal.org

Cell no: 977-9841554212


Ms. Tribeni Maharjan

Expertise : Account

Account and admin officer

Ms. Sunita Ranabhat         

 Climate change, ecosystem services,
forest carbon, policy analysis

Coordinator (Volunteer)
Climate Change and Ecosystem Based Services             
Email: sunita.ranabhat@gmail.com 

Mr. Chiranjeevi Khanal                                                                             


Expertise: Research and conservation of hyaena,
rescue of wildlife

Team Leader (Volunteer)
Hyaena Special Project
Deukhuri Valley, Dang
Member, IUCN/SSC Hyaena Specialist Group
Email: chiran_khanal2011@hotmail.com
Cell no: 977-9841820954