Disaster support

                                                               i.      Fund raise

                                                             ii.      Community Support

                                                            iii.      Volunteering



REDD+ Readiness in the Sacred Himalayan Landscape of Nepal

                Funded by: WWF Nepal

                Study Area: 18 Districts ( Rasuwa- Taplejung) of Nepal

                Project duration: April 2011- September, 2012


Study on Local Preceptions about Owls in Nepal

                Funded by: Karla Bloem and Hein Bloem, Houston, USA

                Principal investigator: Samjhana Wagle

                Study area: Major ciy of Nepal

                Study Period: 2011 June- 2011 November


Status Assessment of Wild Felids with a focus on Clouded Leopard in Hugu-kori Biodiversity Hotspot, Nepal

                Funded by: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, USA

                Principal investigator: Yadav Ghimirey

                Study Area: Hugu-Kori biodiversity hotspot in Annapurna Conservation Area

                Study Period: 2011-2012


Grey wolf: Their status, threats and ethn-wolf relation in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

                Funded by: UK Wolf Conservation Trust, UK

                Principal investigator: Raju Acharya

                Study Area: Hugu-Kori biodiversity hotspot and Mustang district ( Annapurna Conservatio Area)

                Study Period: 2011


Documentation of hunting and trade of key wildlife species in Humla District

                Funded by: WWF Nepal

                Principal investigator: Yadav Ghimirey

                Study Area: Humla District

                Study Period: 2011

FON undertakes programs under the following themes:

i.  Biodiversity Conservation

ii. Water resources management

iii. Education and capacity building

iv. Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation

v. Resources Management and Livelihood Promotion


vi. Envronmental Management and Planing