There are 20 species of owls that are found in Nepal. Though none of the owl species are listed under any kind of globally priority lists such as IUCN red list, CITES and list of globally threatened birds by Birdlife International, “The State of Nepal’s Birds 2004” suggests that 4 owl species are nationally threatened.


The overall aim of the owl conservation program

·         To explore the population status of owls in some key protected areas,

·         To assess the ethno-owl relationship,

·         To find out the threats for the conservation of owls, 

·         To publish posters, leaflets and conduct awareness programs to raise the awareness of the local people,

·         To increase the partnership with national and international organizations

Programs completed

·         Owl Conservation Camp

·         Ethno-Owl Relationship documentation

·         Trade of Eurasian Eagle Owls

·         Owl Study in Manang and Mustang

·         Owl Conservation awareness camp

Programs being continued

·         Prepare owl conservation booklet

·         Public  awareness program

·         Preliminary site selection to gather owl trade information

Future Programs

·         Owl survey in Annapurna Conservation Area and Chitwan National Park

·         Documentation of ethno owl relation in different geographical region

·         Owl Conservation materials development

·         Prepare owl conservation action plan